Mappedin for Shopping Centres

Mappedin is making the indoors discoverable across 400 million square feet of premium retail space. Our technology gives property owners the ability to digitize, maintain, and disperse spatial data, resulting in a best-in-class wayfinding experience for shoppers.

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Benefits of Mall Wayfinding
Spatial Analytics
Understand shopper intent through search data and see a broader picture of what investors are looking for
Sales Productivity
Prove ROI through increased sales as a direct correlation to digital directory searches
Shopper Efficiency
Allow shoppers more time to discover your property with seamless search and navigation
Experiential Content
Provide directions as well as engaging content for shoppers such as ads and events
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“Simon is continually looking for opportunities to enhance the shopping experience and we quickly recognized the potential of this new technology to do just that. Consumer response and feedback to our new interactive maps has exceeded expectations, with usage levels well above the targets we set.”

Mikael Thygesen
Chief Marketing Officer at Simon
Digital Directory Features

3D Interactive Map

Pan, zoom, and rotate the 3D map to get acquainted with the property. As the map moves, so do dynamically displayed elements such as text labels. This, along with accessibility mode, provides a seamless map UI for all shoppers.


Smart Search

As users type, predictive results appear, minimizing the number of keystrokes needed to find a location. Our algorithm, driven by machine learning, continues to optimize as more searches are performed. The search bar UI and behaviour has been tailored for different devices, offering an intuitive experience.

Historical Matching

Based on Popularity

Locations will appear in the search bar based on the historical likelihood of being selected.

Predictive Matching

Based on Learned Behaviour

Previous users have searched these terms and clicked these locations, therefore we predict they are related.


Events Cart

Showcase events and promotions happening at your mall directly through the Mappedin CMS. In the same tool that you manage your maps, you have the ability to schedule content to display for specified periods of time.


Ad Software Integration

Mappedin has the ability to integrate with a variety of ad serving software platforms enabling an end-to-end digital directory experience. The flexibility of our platform lets us work with many digital signage providers.


Text for Mobile Directions

Mappedin and Kipsu offer the ability to transfer directions from a digital directory to a mobile device, ensuring shoppers make it to their destination seamlessly.

Front line teams at Kipsu are also able to address messages, label conversations, and route requests acting as a virtual assistant for your guests.

Mappedin Web

Mappedin Web has been optimized for both mobile and desktop users. The design is completely responsive and once configured, will continue to improve as new features are added.

Mappedin Web

Accurate Turn-by-Turn Directions

Mappedin’s web wayfinding offers accurate turn-by-turn directions optimized for both desktop and mobile users. Simply enter start and end locations to receive tailored directions that take factors such as accessibility into account.

Mappedin Web

Blue Dot Positioning

For mobile users, Mappedin has the ability to layer in Apple's CoreLocation positioning to the experience, making this web platform feel like a native wayfinding app. Simply enter the end location and blue dot will determine the user's starting location.

Simplify Your Workflow

Manage your properties in one tool and distribute the latest maps and property detail across multiple consumer facing platforms including, web, mobile and kiosk.

of all retail transactions still occur within the store
of shoppers still prefer to make their purchases in person
of millennials prefer going to physical stores at some point in their journey
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