Custom Solutions

Mappedin works with a variety of leading technology partners and resellers who help bring customized search and navigation solutions to a wide range of industries as we work on our own solutions for these spaces.

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Mappedin for Healthcare

Healthcare institutions are in a constant state of flux: departments that move, clinics expanding and renovations always underway. Guests rely on wayfinding elements such as signs and volunteers to guide them through these large, ever-changing landscapes. Mappedin helps to keep the maps and wayfinding up-to-date as facilities change and grow, enabling those capable to self-serve, and giving volunteers better tools to guide those that need it.

Digital Directory

Healthcare facilities have unique factors that are very different from any other indoor space, everything from the reason for visiting, the demographic of visitors, to the critical need for medical attention. Because of this, we’ve spent the time building a product specific to healthcare. The following features are unique to the digital directory solution for healthcare;

  • Search algorithm: enabling visitors to search utilizing doctor name, department and procedure.
  • Accessibility: wayfinding is automatically set to accessible directions.
  • Multi-language: increased number of languages available.
  • Handoff from kiosk to mobile: take directions with you helping to seamlessly navigate these complex facilities


Much like our healthcare directory solution, we also took our Mappedin Web solution and created a version to specifically meet the needs of healthcare institutes. Our web solution for healthcare incorporates the above features as well as appointment reminder integration. We believe this will significantly improve missed and late appointments.

Mappedin’s Technology Partners

With the help of our growing partner list, Mappedin’s software is able to extend across a wide range of industries. Specifically, we’ve provided mapping for Airports, College Campuses, Casino’s, Stadiums and Arenas.

Hardware Partners

Digital Signage Software

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