A fully packaged web solution.

Mappedin Web has been optimized for both mobile and desktop users. The design is completely responsive and once configured, will continue to improve as new features are added.

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Smart Search

Predictive Results

As users type, predictive results will appear minimizing the number of keystrokes needed to find a location. The search bar location and behaviour has been optimized by device, giving users an intuitive experience.

Powerful Wayfinding

Simple Navigation

Optimized routes based on individual needs. With three simple clicks, users receive tailored directions that take factors such as accessibility and multi-floor pathing into consideration.

Live 3D Maps

Interactive Experience

Pan, zoom, and rotate the 3D map to get acquainted with the property. As the map moves, so do the dynamically displayed elements such as text labels. With automatic 2D fallback, the map is usable by everyone regardless of device.

Usage Analytics

Know your Visitors

Track shopper intent across all stages of the journey. With Mappedin Web, you can track searches by device to better understand what your visitors are looking for.

Responsive Platform

Mappedin Web has been optimized for both Mobile and Desktop, creating a device specific experience.


The app centric UI has a very intuitive experience enabling users to quickly search and navigate a venue.


The map first UI makes browsing a venue seamless. Users get a feel for the property layout including where key locations and amenities are.

Simple Integration

Easily embed Mappedin Web into any website with minimal HTML code and JavaScript configuration. Mappedin provides all necessary credentials and specific instructions to ensure the process is seamless.

Branded Experience

Mappedin web can be themed to ensure the look and feel of the map is consistent with the rest of your website. Branding is applied within the Mappedin CMS, meaning you can change it at anytime.