Mobile SDK

Looking to build a custom wayfinding solution on your website or app? We have the tools required to create a unique experience while leveraging our knowledge and expertise on search and navigation.

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Live 3D Maps

Interactive Experience

Mapview gives you a single, prebuilt component that displays a fully 3D map (with an automatic 2D fallback) of your venue. It’s features include; selectable polygons, wayfinding, 2D markers with auto layout, hover labels and 3D text.

Smart Search

Predictive Results

Mappedin Search gives you easy access to the powerful Mappedin Smart Search API. It provides a Fast Suggestions API designed to provide real-time autocomplete, and a powerful Search API for more detailed results.


The iOS and Android SDK are able to integrate with a variety of different positioning hardware, including beacons, wifi location tracking, and Apple's CoreLocation API for iOS devices. This combination provides turn-by-turn navigation to end-users and yields valuable insights for Mappedin customers.

Sample Apps

Mappedin’s sample applications make it simple for developers to hit the ground running. With pre-built search, categories and direction functionality, all you need to do is give it your unique touch.

Other features available:

Intuitive Touch Controls
Text Directions and Animated Path
Offline Mode
2D Text and Image Overlays
Highly customizable
Developer Support