A seamless navigation experience.

Mappedin offers three distinct directories with unique experiences. The map-centric displays enable users to find what they're looking for with ease.

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Smart Search

Predictive Results

As users type, predictive results will appear minimizing the number of keystrokes needed to find a location.

Powerful Wayfinding

Simple Navigation

Optimized routes based on individual needs. Tailored directions get visitors to their selected destination taking factors such as accessibility and multi-floor pathing into consideration.

Live 3D Maps

Interactive Experience

Text labels are dynamically displayed, moving as the map moves. Enhanced map interactions with pan, zoom, rotate and touch features.

Usage Analytics

Know your Visitors

Know what visitors want by tracking shopper intent across all properties.

Dynamic Directory

Dynamic Directory offers a completely interactive kiosk experience. Along with 3D wayfinding and smart search, this platform can showcase promotions, events and curated content.

Dynamic Directory Plus

Dynamic Directory Plus offers a beautifully designed map first experience. The map centric interface has been designed to focus on the core strengths of our Dynamic Directory UI, along with an optimized touch experience to make map interactions seamless.

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Kiosk Hardware

Mappedin does not provide hardware for our directory solutions however we’re happy to either work with your current provider, or recommend one of our hardware partners.

Print Directory

With the same data that powers your web, mobile and interactive directory experiences, print teams now have the option to adopt streamlined workflows typically reserved for digital mediums.

  • Creates a consistent experience across both interactive and static wayfinding platforms.
  • Design developed from extensive user research and print best practices.
  • Ability to customize your maps at a venue or enterprise level.

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Widely Supported

Scaling to Screen Sizes & Resolutions:Adjustable height, resolution & aspect ratio.

Multi Language:Spanish, Simplified Chinese, French and Arabic languages supported with more on the way.