Manage your maps from one simple place.

Build, maintain and analyze property maps in real-time enabling a best-in-class wayfinding experience.

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Robust Map Editor

The Mappedin CMS is a complete platform for powering accurate indoor search and navigation. Our tools enable property operators to maintain data across more than 500 million square feet of premium retail space worldwide.

Manage Map Details

Change store names, logos, icons, parking spaces and layouts using real world measurements for square footage, wall lengths, and path distances.

Customize Consumer Facing Features

Maintain multiple languages, house event and promotion details, and apply accessibility settings across all wayfinding platforms.

Preview Maps

Render maps across multiple perspectives and archive map data with the snapshot feature.

Simplify your Workflow

Manage your properties in one tool and distribute the latest maps and property detail across multiple consumer facing platforms including, web, mobile and kiosk.

Understand your Visitors

Enterprise and property level analytics depict the consumer journey from the initial interaction right through to navigation.

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Knowledge Base

Find detailed information on our products and request support for Mappedin related questions.