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Mappedin FAQ

This FAQ provides basic answers to questions about Mappedin. If you want to learn more, feel free to contact us.

What is Mappedin?

Mappedin is an indoor GIS (geographical information system). More generally, we’re a management and productivity tool that delivers a dataset of what’s indoors. This dataset allows property owners and operators to be more productive and provide better digital experiences to their visitors.

What does Mappedin do?

Mappedin enables accurate search and navigation across indoor spaces. To do this, our customers leverage the Mappedin product set to manage and maintain their property maps. The output of this is accurate wayfinding across directory, mobile, and web experiences.

How do you describe Mappedin in one sentence?

We’re making the indoors discoverable by building the word processor for indoor mapping.

What countries does Mappedin operate in?

Most of our clients are located within North America but we also have customers across Australia, France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Portugal, Philippines, Spain, Singapore, Taiwan, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom, and more. We’re dedicated to continuing our global expansion.

Do you partner with other technology providers?

Yes. We work with strategic partners who both compliment the solution for our core market, and help us expand into industries outside of that market. Our partner categories include hardware, digital signage software and indoor positioning technology.

What industries does Mappedin serve?

Most of our customers are Retail REITs but we’ve also worked with Hospitals, Stadiums, Airports, Retail, and College Campuses. If someone outside of our core market wants to implement Mappedin, we’re happy to work with them, typically through one of our partners. While our technology can have great benefit to any indoor space, each industry has slightly different needs & problems to be solved.

What is the main problem your product solves?

Mappedin allows visitors, shoppers, and employees to navigate large facilities with ease. Our customers are looking for better manageability of their property maps and the ability to work collaboratively within their organization and with their technology partners. Our products enable this.

Does Mappedin own the data managed in its platform?

No. We don’t own the data, but we have rights to use it in ways that benefit our customers. We firmly believe in our customers owning their data. Our job is to help them keep an accurate dataset, and provide them with actionable insights to better their businesses.