Retail Wayfinding

Mappedin’s retail wayfinding showcases accurate, engaging, and interactive maps that enable shoppers and store associates to populate the most efficient route, seamlessly locating shopping list items.

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Picking and Packing App

By leveraging the Mappedin CMS and Map Editor, store owners and operators can quickly make changes to their store layout and product locations, enabling an end-to-end solution for retailers.

Time saved for retail associates fulfilling online orders and stocking shelves
Reduced onboarding time for new employees familiarizing themselves with store layout
Extended to consumer-facing apps that allow shoppers to plan and save routes in your store

An Improved Experience

Accurate and intuitive wayfinding for your store associates.

Whether stocking shelves, fulfilling online orders, or helping shoppers find an item, the picking and packing app allows employees to search and discover your full product offering.

When building an itemized shopping list, the app displays the most optimized route. You can even customize what items, if any, should be picked up last.

See it in Action

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