Mappedin Product Update – Q2 2018

July 10, 2018

Over the last quarter we've spent time taking our core product-set to the next level through new features. On top of that, we've expanded our target market into healthcare. Through a collaboration with the St. Joseph's Health Network in Toronto, we were able to learn about the healthcare environment and gain a deep understanding for the core challenges and biggest problems worth solving. From this, we took our products and built out specific feature sets reserved for healthcare facilities.

NEW! Mappedin’s Healthcare Wayfinding Products

We’ve created a Digital Directory and Web experience with the healthcare industry in mind. We worked closely with St. Joseph’s Health Centre in Toronto to co-design a product optimized for a different industry.

Our new healthcare wayfinding platforms have updated search functions, an adapted map experience, and provide accessible paths with escalators and elevators by default. Along with these new features, all of our digital directories come equipped with a 3D, interactive map, simple navigation, and smart search functionality.

What’s Next?

As we continue to build a robust product for the healthcare industry, we are creating some really neat extensions!

  • Kiosk to Mobile Handoff – users will be able to send the directions displayed on the kiosk to their smartphones so they can take them on the go.
  • Appointment Reminder Integrations – when patients receive an appointment reminder from the hospital, they will also receive a link to Mappedin Web with the facility map and their destination pre-selected. Reminders will also include recommended parking lots and entrance points.

Mappedin's healthcare solution displayed on a landscape directory / kiosk and web laptop. Full screen maps with search and category functions.

Read more here or contact us to learn more about this product.

Mappedin CMS

What’s New

Zendesk Chat Integration – CMS users now have access to a chat popup that gives them direct access to Mappedin support.

Italian Translation – We’ve expanded our language options to now include Italian translations, along with French, Spanish, Arabic, Simplified Chinese, and Japanese to be used across platforms.

App Switcher – The top bar now features an app switcher to allow users with proper permissions to navigate between CMS and Mappedin Print as well as any future integrations we build out.

Mappedin CMS showcasing the Map Editor and App Switcher to rotate between Mappedin apps.

Mappedin Web

What’s New

Increased Customizability – With the addition of a legal footer for mobile and desktop and an adjustable corner radius on the search box, customers can continue to personalize the look and feel of Mappedin Web to be consistent with their brand.

Mappedin Web solution with directions, categories and the website's cookies policy.

Search Box & Compass – The map interface now features familiar wayfinding elements including a compass on desktop view and swap arrows to easily change the From and To destinations.

Mappedin Web solution with from and to directions, direction-switcher arrows and accessibility mode.

Dynamic Directory Plus

What’s New

Multi-Floor Wayfinding – We’ve launched a new multi-floor experience! When users are required to change floors in the route to their destination, the floors become stacked to clearly illustrate where to exit one level and enter another.

After conducting user research studies, results show that the new display allows users to better visualize the journey to their destination. Users described the directory experience as “easy,” “simple,” and “straightforward”.

Mappedin's Dynamic Directory Plus with multi-floor wayfinding routing and directions, banner advertisements and improved store promotion cards with description, hours, and current promotions at that location.

Enhanced Event Cards – A customer favourite feature of our original Dynamic Directory product is now available on Dynamic Directory Plus! The full-screen solution can now include banner advertisements and improved store promotion cards with description, hours, and current promotions at that location.

Mappedin Print

What’s New

History Report of Recent Changes – Users are now able to see a history of changes since the last export, further detailed in three sections: Venue Settings changes, Images on map changes, and Text on map changes.

Mappedin Print and history report of recent changes.

Multi-Floor Connection Icons – Escalator, elevator, and stair icons are now exported with the print map file. Icons will show directionality of the connection and can be easily replaced with a customer-specific icon after export if desired.

Mappedin Print with multi-floor connection icons for stairs, escalator and elevator.

If you have any questions about these updates, please contact us.