Mappedin Product Update – Q1 2018

April 23, 2018

We’ve had a busy start to 2018, adding another directory to our line-up and showcasing our software at three of the top trade-shows in our industry. We’ve gained valuable learnings from talking to end-users and partners about current wayfinding needs in the market. These learnings along with those we gain from our current customers, continues to help us evolve the Mappedin Platform. As always, we welcome any feedback that could further improve your reading experience.

NEW! Mappedin Print

Mappedin Print enables properties to maintain accurate wayfinding experiences across both digital and static kiosks. Our print exporter tool within the Mappedin CMS makes changes to structural, tenant, and aesthetics simple.

Mappedin's product offering with the new Print Directory product highlighted.

Mappedin Ecosystem

Print Map Benefits

  • Consistent experience across interactive and static wayfinding platforms
  • Designed with best practices developed from extensive user-research
  • Smooth workflow from the Mappedin CMS to InDesign
  • Workflow enables venue level customization with enterprise-level data management

Mappedin directory solutions including Mappedin Print, Dynamic Directory and Dynamic Directory Plus.

Mappedin Print workflow cycle diagram.

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Dynamic Directory

What’s New

Automatic Image Rotation – All images and logos rotate as users interact with the map, including road names, parking symbols, etc.

Hiding Floors within Kiosk Settings - These settings enable you to hide floors from your directories but still display on web maps.

Static Display - Display full screen static image within the Mappedin directory UI.

Adjustable Screen & Keyboard Height – This helps address visibility issues when kiosks are installed low to the ground. For usability, it’s critical that the UI can move up and down to ensure key information is within a users line of sight.

Automatic image rotation example for Mappedin Dynamic Directory.

Automatic Image Rotation

Adjustable screen and keyboard height for Mappedin digital directory experiences.

Adjustable Screen & Keyboard Height

Dynamic Directory Plus

What’s New

Text Concierge – Directory users have the ability to get concierge information to answer venue questions.

Multi-Floor Directions – Adding a “Tap for Next Floor” prompt caused a dramatic increase in success rate for directions.

Multi-floor directions on Mappedin digital directories featuring a "tap for more" icon that appears when the user must change floors during their navigation process.

Multi-Floor Directions

Mappedin Web

What’s New

Simplified Chinese Support – As we continue to expand our international presence we are consistently adding to the number of languages that our products support.

Pin Drop without Polygon – This could be used in the case of temporary kiosks throughout the mall where adding and maintaining a geometry isn’t required but navigation is still necessary.

Accessibility Mode Improvements – Venues that are single floor automatically remove the accessibility mode option.

Enhanced UI – Improved directions workflow reducing the number of clicks required.

Screenshot of Mappedin Web to showcase the improved user interface (UI).

Enhanced UI

Mappedin Mobile SDK

What’s new

Sample App for iOS & Android - Our sample app is a fully featured experience that could be dropped into an existing app and provide a simple integration path with a great user experience. This will be the fastest way to get up and running with our latest SDK features.

Map Bounds – Adding bounds to the map ensures that it never gets lost outside of the frame when interacting with it.

Screenshot of the Mappedin Sample App to showcase the Mobile SDK solution for mobile wayfinding.

Mappedin Sample App

Addition of map bounds to the venue maps on mobile that ensure the user never gets lost outside of the frame when interacting with the map.

Map Bounds

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