Make your venue safer during COVID-19 with Mappedin’s Contact Tracing solution.

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As brick-and-mortar increasingly goes digital, Mappedin is building the leading platform for businesses to help their customers search and discover the indoors.

The Mappedin story began at the University of Waterloo, where the founders wished they had a way to navigate the sprawling campus. The old, out-of-date building plans posted on walls in every building on campus seemed painfully primitive in today’s digital world. As they pondered a solution for the university, they recognized that this challenge of keeping up with changing indoor landscapes and details was happening everywhere, especially in retail: stores moving in a mall, new promotions every day in each store, washroom schedules, renovations, opening hours and doorways that operate on specific schedules. With creating a more optimal customer journey in mind, Mappedin set out to build the best tools for property owners to manage their dynamic spaces.

Today, Mappedin works with nine out of ten of the largest malls in Canada, the largest REITs in the US, and are helping make the indoors more discoverable in stores, hospitals, campuses, and airports around the world.